A credo behind chipped nails being a supermum

A credo behind chipped nails being a supermumA credo behind chipped nails being a supermum

That moment

More mums than ever are proletarians. They run after kids, plunge into the whirlwind of domestic activities and workplace chaos. However, our body holds truths to our being. It begins after immediately; she sees chipped nail polish, ragged cuticles, and dry skin unexpectedly. Then, she mutters herself, “I really need a pick-me-up, so I think maybe I'll start having my nails done again.”

We all know that if you look more groomed, it makes you feel better and more confident. Yes! For being an inspired spirited supermum, you deserve better. 

Naturally, mums are often too busy to find time to pamper themselves. Sometimes, it isn’t realistic that mum could be getting to a salon. Perhaps she yearns to do so despite being stuck in. Au contraire! Dear reader, it would be a cheerful, smart move that being able to embrace “Me time” and nails done while switching to your favorite Netflix channel or nice night-in with friends.

Mantra of busy mum’s nail care

A Ninety-Nine per cent of busy mums opt for a long stand, low maintenance at-home manicures. Because, if the manicure shows cracks and chips easily, they often have to put time and effort. Always it has to be a quick and trouble-free option with the ability to dry fast.

Attention ladies! Mylee: The home-spa manicurist

The brand is always first to market with hottest trends and shades for the complete set of manicure and pedicure products which feature the top-notch ingredients free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene and DBP is proudly introduced its new gel polish range, MYGEL consists of over 134 shades with an unparalleled sense of graceful femininity.

We have got you covered! Certainly, it is the no-fuss home manicure!

doing gel nails at homedoing gel nails at home

Photo credits: Lucy Cole 

Supermums love MYGEL because of 3E concept. It is an economically-viable, an extensive mix of formulas with easy-going textures.

  • MYGEL offers shades which match to subtle things in your persona varies from low maintenance nude lacquers classic glamorous reds to bold and brilliant pop arts.

  • This dramatic and transformative formula which applies like a polish lasts like a gel with no smudging.

  • Can achieve quick curing with Mylee LED Convex lamp so, you don't need to wait colour to dry.

  • Super easy to apply a thin coat of polish to the nails. The nail polish ensures flawless, nice and shiny like a professional gel manicure.

  • Can be used with MYGEL Base Coat and Top Coat or No Wipe Top Coat result in professional-looking, Statement-making nails right at your home. The base coat fortifies adhesion and the top coat gives a hi-shine finish. No chips or smudges.

  • MYGEL is abuzz about a more durable option for up to two weeks. You may see the tip of the nails remains unspoiled! Even after two weeks’ time. But new nail growth may need upkeeps. So, be an artist to fill the gap and prove that you are an aficionado of nail arts.

  • Fingernails are “protected” than they would have been normally. They stop the nails from breaking, helping them look healthier and grow longer.

  • Mylee furnishes Complementary tools feature Pushers, Files and Stainless steel Nail care kits and Preparation & finishing treatments include Nail polish remover, Nail gel removerPresoak remover wrapsPre-care gel and After care gel etc. in order to ease of doing everything, you need for achieving the perfect 14-day salon shiny manicure at home which makes you sound like a pro.

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