Halloween Nails: Spooky Nail Ideas For Everyone

Halloween BannerHalloween Banner

Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to wear on the eeriest night of the year. Whether you like to get costumed up or prefer to embrace the theme in a subtler fashion, there’s no doubt that Halloween’s a great excuse to have some fun with your outfit and, of course, your nails!

The classic and feel safe option is to go with a deep dark black but Halloween’s all about going big and, as our pick of spookily stylish Halloween nail designs prove, it’s a great chance to get creative. Whether you embrace your inner goth and opt for witchy blacks and bloodcurdling reds or defy the deathly monochrome vibe and explore bright pumpkin-esque tones, there’s absolutely no excuse for boring nails this Halloween!

Friendly Ghosts 

This cute ghost motif is a fun way to spook up your nails and should be pretty easy to achieve. Start with a clear base, paint the ghost shape (leaving the half-moon of your nail), add the eyes and mouth in black, then seal with a top coat. Don’t forget to cure in between layers!

Coffin Nails

Nails don’t get more goth than these black beauties. Taking the term coffin nails (also known as ballerina nails) in a terrifying new direction, the stark graphic simplicity of this look is to die for. Use the Crystal Nail File to get that perfect desired shape!

Witchy Nails 

Utilising the same goth lux black and gold palette, these wonderfully witchy nails make inspired use of Wiccan symbols to create a chic Halloween look. Make your work of art pop extra with our ultraglossy Top Coat.

Moon Phases

Moon phase nails have become something of a Halloween go-to over the last few years and it’s easy to see why this celestial effect is so popular – it looks stunning and is pretty easy to achieve. Start off with a coat of opaque navy/black, paint on your moons in white, then use grey polish to add some shading. Using a wet cotton swab can help to create the marbled effect. 

Penny Wise 

These killer nails pay tribute to everyone’s least favourite clown and show what fun you can have with nail art if you’re handy with a brush. Nails like these probably aren’t an everyday look but hey, it’s Halloween! Be adventurous and freestyle the design, that’s when the best moments are created!