New Year, New You!

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At the time of writing, we’re in the midst of December party season, so writing about selfimprovement in the New Year is a particularly painful experience. Shouldn’t we at least experience the crushing regret of a New Year’s Day hangover before advocating dramatic lifestyle changes?

Luckily, our version of ‘New Year, New You’ is pretty specific: our only concern is that 2020 should be a spectacular year for your nails! Which, as our guide shows, should be a refreshingly achievable New Year goal.

As nail art advocates, we’re all about encouraging good nail care habits. Afterall, it’s impossible to achieve an on-point mani if you don’t take care of the foundations. Great manicures are built on naturally beautiful nails, so our New Year’s advice is this: look after your nails and your manis will look better than ever in 2020. Healthy nails are beautiful nails!

Care For Your Cuticles

Your cuticles play a vital role in protecting your nails from bacteria and infection, so it’s wise to ensure you’re doing everything you can to keep them healthy.

The interests of nail beautification haven’t always prioritised cuticle health, but we recognise the importance of healthy nails, which is why we’ve developed mylee Apricot Nail & Cuticle Oil, a deeply nourishing cuticle oil that should help to keep your tips looking tip top.

Formulated with Apricot essential oils, this amazing Vitamin A and Vitamin E enriched oil softens dry cuticles while hydrating the nail bed, keeping your nails strong, healthy and perfectly primed for a stunning mani.

Invest in a Crystal Nail File

Another nail care essential that might seem basic but really shouldn’t be underestimated if you care how your nails look. A quality crystal nail file is invaluable and genuinely superior to a standard file. A modest investment in a decent nail file can make all the difference if you want to achieve a super-smooth finish. Trust us, if you care about your nails cast aside your emery boards and grab a crystal nail file. 

Treat Your Nails to Regular Manicures

A good manicure isn’t just about beautifying your nails, if done right a mani should help to maintain the health and strength of your nails too. Think of a mani as chance to treat your nails to a bit of TLC – by trimming your nails and pushing your cuticles back, you’re keeping your nails in robust condition and protecting both the nails and surrounding skin from infections. Just make sure your manicures are gentle and never skip the base coat when painting your nails. A base coat doesn’t just enhance the look of your mani, it also provides an important protective layer.

Improve Your Inner Health

Great looking, healthy nails very often reflect general health, so making sure you’re looking after yourself and providing your body with the nutrients it needs should help to ensure your nails are strong, healthy and naturally beautiful. A diet that’s low in in nutrients can have an adverse impact on nail strength, leading to unsightly snags and splits, so try to ensure you’re eating a heathy balanced diet.

Vitamin E is known to play an important part in maintaining healthy nails so try to eat plenty of Vitamin E-rich foods like almonds, which are also rich in zinc, another important nutrient for healthy nails. Whole-grain cereals are another great source of zinc.

Healthy, supple nails also depend on fat, specifically a fatty acid called linoleic acid, which are found in oily fish and healthy oils like olive and rapeseed oil, as well as avocados and, again, nuts.

Remember, the sky is the limit as long as you have the inclination and of course, the right tools. Be sure to give us a follow on social as well as we love hearing your thoughts and seeing your incredible creations, tag us with #myleemylook 
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