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Summer is upon us, and we’re ready to take more time soaking in the sun outside, looking fresh, and natural with the latest ‘barley there’ makeup trend!  A favourite of many and the recurring Spring/Summer look is not only time precious focused, but is healthier for your skin. This almost naked look allows you to enhance your natural complexion and truly proclaim the famous “I woke up like this” quote.  Explore our not so secret hacks on how to achieve that natural look.


Focus on skincare. A flawless natural makeup look begins with a smooth canvas. The Taiwanese product that makes you say ‘ooh’ in various tones, holds the latest innovative natural beauty ingredient, this being snail liquid (Helix Aspersa Müller Glycoconjugates).

Snail liquid is known for its outstanding capabilities for regenerating from inside out, and offering a clearer and more youthful complexion. After cleansing, use a few drops of Snail Repair Moisturiser Essence on your palm and gentling dab it around your face and neck. Once the toner has sunk in deep within your skin, use Snail Repair Daily Defence Cream (SPF50) . Enriched with tinted particles, this moisture is designed to give your skin that instant radiant you’ve been craving! Both product formulas focus on levelling and soothing your skin by combining Aloe Vera for coolness and Hyaluronic Acid aimed on keeping your skin plumped and hydrated.


Achieve thicker looking brows and voluminous lashes with a durability of 6 weeks. For those who want that extra 15 minutes lie in every morning and are going head to head with a messy mascara, opt for mylee Brow and Lash Kit. A simple 15-minute procedure can leave your brows and lashes looking fuller, bolder and refreshed.

Accentuate your natural features by lengthening and thickening your brows and lashes by proceeding with this treatment approximately every 6 weeks.


Add a touch of sheer on the lips with CARMEX Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm. Enriched with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and SPF15, lock in those this goodness easily and quickly with one simple coat. Top tip to keep the sheer pink/ peach lasting longer; dab the balm rather than glide across your lips. This will naturally allow the shade to reach within rather than only covering the top layer. Perfect for all seasons, how favourite shade is pink (of course).  

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