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Nail preparation with better dehydration means longer gel polish manicure. Nails must be cleaned well before the gel polish manicure. The reason why is it necessary is because dirt or dust particles on the nails acts as a barrier between the nail plate and the gel polish and results in short lived manicure.


is key! Clean hands toughly and make sure your nails are free from all nail enamel, dirty or dust particles and oils. Even natural oils from the skin come through the nails and this can cause lifting. Use Mylee Prep & Wipe Cleanser to dehydrate and prepare the nail, the more dehydrated your nails are the longer the gel manicure will last.

  1. File the free edge, gels often last between 2-3 weeks so making sure the free edge is even in length. The most common shapes are square, round, oval and squoval.

  2. Tidy the cuticles. Push the cuticles back to clean the nail plate and create space on the nail, soak in warm water for a few minutes if very hard. Avoid using oil-based products.

  3. Gently buff the nail surface with a block to remove the surface shine especially around the sides and cuticle area as this is where lifting may occur. Removing the shine helps create a better surface for the gel to grip to.

  4. Use alcohol Prep to dehydrate and prepare the nail and allow to dry for 10 second, the more dehydrated your nails are the longer the gel manicure will last.


TOP TIP Lint Free Wipes. Always use a lint free wipe with alcohol to dehydrate the nail plate; using a NON-lint free wipe will leave debris on the nail.


Take your time there is no rush with applying gels, unlike normal nail enamel the gel will not set unless placed under a LED/UV lamp.

1. The base coat is extremely important as it will affect the result of the colour application, make sure to apply as close to the edges without touching the cuticle, if you do then clean the area before setting.

TOP TIP - Cap the Free Edge. When using gel polish, it is important to cap the free edge (paint the end of the nail). This will prevent the polish from lifting which will result in a longer lasting gel manicure. CAP THE FREE EDGE ON EVERY COAT ESPECIALLY THE BASE AND TOP COAT.

2. Colour application, firstly you will need to shake your chosen gel colour, due to the gel/polish formula it is important to shake before each use. We recommend rolling the bottle between two hands, this will often allow a more even application. Using the chosen colour paint carefully, curing each layer at a time. Do not load the brush too heavily as the gel could flood the cuticle or lift easily after curing. You can build up the layers to achieve the colour. We recommend using two layers however depending on the depth of the shade you made need to use addental layers.

Use Thin Layers. Gel polish has a slightly different consistency than most nail polishes. You do not need as much gel polish on your brush as you would with regular nail polish. Use thin coats, 3-4 thin coats, will last longer than 2 thick coats. Thin coats including the base and top layer.

Do not touch the nails in-between layers. There will be a sticky residue on the surface that should only be removed once the topcoat has been cured, as this will allow each layer to stick to the next. Make a mistake? Don’t worry you can tidy any mishaps with nail polish remover before curing.

Cure even coats. With each coat cure the fingers before painting and curing the thumb. If you’re working slowly this will prevent gel shifting or dripping to the side.

3. Top Coat the final gel layer, this leaves the nails with a high glossy shin, make sure to remove any tackiness within a lint free wipe and prep and shin [not sure of the name here].

TOP TIP – If your chosen a light shade and want to keep the gels looking fresh and tidy for longer apply a thin layer of top coat polish, this can easily be removed and reapplied weekly using acetone free polish remover.

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Photo credits: Lucy Cole 

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Photo credits: Lucy Cole 



1. Use A Cuticle Oil Daily. Keep the Matrix (cuticle area) hydrated. This will prevent the cuticle from drying out and cracking which can cause lifting; massaging the matrix and cuticle will improve circulation and encourage growth. Best time to apply is last thing at night has the skin renews itself better at rest and the hands will not be immersed in and out of water.  

2. Always wear gloves when washing up or cleaning.

3. Avoid filing your nails or push your cuticles back while wearing gel, this could break the seal of the gel and can lead to lifting or chipping.

4. Tinted lotions, such as spray tans, hair colouring products can lift or discolour your gels. If you have been in contact with then then wash hands thoroughly after use.



Always remove your gel nails properly.

1. Buff the nail plates to remove the seal/top layer of polish

2. Using Mylee remover apply a small amount onto the cotton section of the wrap.

3. Wrap each nail plate and leave for around five to ten minutes

4. Using a wooden hoof stick gently test a nail to see if the polish has come away

5. If it’s still hard, rewrap for an additional two/three minutes

6. Remove the gel by gently scraping and pushing it away from the nail plate, moving from the matrix (cuticle) down to the free edge.

7. Continue until all the polish is removed

8. Wipe and buff any residue remaining.

10. Wash your hands and reapply.


Helpful tips – To avoid bubbling:

  • Apply thin, even layers especially the base layer (the most important). Thick layers cause bubbles and will not cure properly and will lift.

  • Ensure the nail bed is not oily, oily nail beds will cause bubbling too.

  • Make sure the bottle is kept at room temperature so the consistency is not too think or too runny.


Nail Types:

THIN BENDY NAILS If the nails are thin and bendy, treat them with manicures to improve the condition before applying gel. The gel can bend with the nail and potentially lift.

WEAK NAILS If your nails are weak, be patient! You can still wear gel. Keep the natural nail short and do not keep the gel on for too long, the product will weigh the nail down as it grows. Remove and replace properly after 14 days. Once removed the nail would have grown. Keep the nails short and neat until the nails strengthen up.

BRITTLE NAILS If your nails are brittle, the gel can dehydrate the nails further. Be sure to condition the nails with cuticle oil whilst wearing the gel (not before application). The oil will penetrate the skin and hydrate the nails.

SPLIT NAILS I would advise that treatment is used has homecare and regular manicures, avoid gel nail application until the nail is at a healthy state, a gel application is only as good as the nail.

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