Timeless trends with a twist

Timeless trends with a twist

Game change your signature nail shade with these catwalk-inspired updates


We’ve all got a favourite nail shade, right? Whether it’s a punchy pillar-box red, a coffee-coloured nude or a delicate ballet-slipper blush… Just like a well-loved piece of clothing, there’s something comforting in the familiar but every so often, comes the call to re-work these classics and bring them bang up to date. And when better than the new season to start shaking things up a smidge? So, if your signature nail style needs a fresh, new upgrade - check out what’s new on the catwalk. Give your mani a makeover, just in time for spring…



If red rocks your nail boat then why not try experimenting with your nail shape which will immediately add a new twist to your timeless, signature shade.

So, if you’ve been sporting your favourite double-decker red on shorter, square nails, try growing them longer and file into an almond shape as seen at Ryan Lo, where nails had an 80s power-dressing flavor.

By simply switching up your nail shape, even a classic shade like red can look totally fresh and new on YOU!

mygel red polishmygel red polish


Barely-there nails have become so popular over the past few years as many of us prefer subtle shades for their low maintenance, natural effect; a chip is less noticeable on a nude mani, right?

However, this spring, nail it like Gucci and push those beige and caramel nail hues into the pretty peach or pink spectrum.

You’ll still get the effect of natural nails, just with a wash of delicate, feminine colour.

mygel nude polishmygel nude polish

Photo credits: @xameliax



If you’re a fan of nailing all things pink, then why not try experimenting with what’s being tipped as the colour of 2019 – coral!

So, whether you go for simple block colour nails, as seen at Temperley or if you’ve got a steady hand, why not try creating coral tips using your favourite shade of pink as a base colour, then introduce a coral pop at the end. 

That’s your spring ’19 nails sorted, then! Plus, we love that it suits all skin tones, too! YASSS!

mygel coral polishmygel coral polish

Photo credits: @alicemcnails4


Any fan of bright and colourful nails will know that a longer nail will give you more surface area to create intricate detail and designs, whereas shorter nails will reduce the space you have to play.

That’s not to say shorter nails can’t have fun though! Simple tricks like just painting one nail a different colour is so effective.

Or, why not play with pops of yellow as seen at Mouret or metallic greens as seen at Armani.

mygel look minimalistmygel look minimalist


Being creative with your nails doesn’t have to mean loud colours or 3D nail art.

If you prefer the simple approach but want to find a way to give your neutral colour block nails a spring lift, then simple stenciling techniques may be the stylish solution.

Layer white polish over your neutral nail beds as seen at Monse and instantly you be adding a little point of interest that is both in keeping with your preference for subtle and less showy.

mygel look minimalistmygel look minimalist

Photo credits: @xameliax

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