Valentine’s Day Nail Inspiration

Valentine’s Day can be many things: an extra special date night with your long-term partner, an exciting tryst with a new romantic prospect, a girly night out with your BFF… Whatever you’ve got planned, it’s also a great excuse to indulge in a Valentine’s Day manicure.

We’ve scoured Instagram to bring you a selection of cute, sassy, stylish and downright beautiful V-Day nail designs. Of course, you could just slap on your favourite red polish but why not get creative? As you’d expect, hearts and roses are popular go-to Valentine’s Day motifs and reds and pinks definitely dominate the romantic colour scheme, but there’s plenty of scope to think outside the box




This intricate rose design is a bit more challenging, but we love the combination  of using shades in the same spectrum for an elegant but vibrantly colourful look. Less is more, so you only need to paint roses on one or two nails.

Pretty in black


Using so much black on a Valentine’s Day mani is a curve ball move, but this black and nude heart design looks great and gives an otherwise cute mani a bit of attitude.