Magic Gel RemoverMagic Gel Remover

Introducing the latest game changer from mylee, our MAGIC GEL REMOVER!

Designed to remove gel nails in approximately 6 minutes, this little bottle of magic removes the need for messy foils and removers and makes the once tedious gel polish removal process oh so easy! Now home users, salons and mobile technicians alike can save time, making the process up to 2.5x faster.

The process is easy! Start by buffing away the top coat to remove shiny top coat. Then, simply apply one generous coat of Magic Gel Remover over gel polish, and leave it to sit for six minutes. The gel will begin to bubble and peel making it easy to scrape off using a gel scraper or cuticle pusher.

Users must always wash their hands immediately after use. Users must also make sure the cap of the bottle is tight, so the product does not dry out.